Molecular Sieve

Molecular Sieves are normally used in the process of drying gases and liquids and are more effective than silica gel or activated alumina.  A crystalline composition with uniform pores makes Molecular Sieve more effective than other types of desiccants. Molecular sieves offer a variety of adsorption selectivity based on molecular size.  Using this type of desiccant is highly effective in removing impurities.  Molecular sieves are used for drying gas streams with in the petroleum industry as well as some varieties specifically designed for drying fuel grade ethanol.

We keep Molecular Sieve and Inert Bed Support in stock for the Ethanol Industry. Consistent with this goal we have procured significant stocks of these materials that are available for next day delivery within 500 miles of Chicago. Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing you with these quality products and the best customer service possible. We will work to help you develop solutions to meet your unique needs.

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